Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Union Dues

Join the CUPE organization you will get less than nothing for your monthly contribution; or better still, become a CUPE rep. the only prerequisite is stupidity and dishonesty. You will get paid $100, 00.00 per year plus a car and expenses and you can never get fired. Think about it, it is the perfect job for an idiot. If you are a professional harasser you can become a regional director. Now if you want to do less than nothing and lie and manipulate all day and remain in a comfortable salary become a CUPE division president. The whole organization is set up something like Ronald McDonalds----a group of do nothings sitting around discussing about all the work they are not going to do while they swallow a couple of dozen Big Macs that they enter on their expense account as windshield washer. Drop in tomorrow night when we discuss the millions of dollars the national union writes off as a mistake and some of the other scams the reps. and their buddies are involved in, like trying to negotiate a contract when the only thing on their mind is when is dinner.


Anonymous said...

It's about time that somone tried to warn people about CUPE and how corrupt they have become !!! They have NO morals and that includes everyone from the National President to the local reps .... !!

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone is going to speak the truth about CUPE. I was at a funeral recently for a sister who was our P.E.I. provincial division president and some clown by the name of Legere was there campaigning for her job at National. This is the kind of people we have representing us.

P.E.I. CUPE member

Anonymous said...

I for one am fed up with paying dues for nothing.When I needed representation all I got was empty promises!!!!Well enough is enough.We need our high and mighty to care about the members not their pocketbooks..

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on hating CUPE. In the school district here, all non teaching staff are in CUPE. The bulk of CUPE local members mop floors, or are crossing guards, or look after retarded kids. They set the wage for skilled trades since they make up the bulk of the membership. Anyone with a pair of balls gets talked down by these harpies and sea hags. These mother hens think they know best for everyone. As a result you end up grade ten dropouts earning $4 an hour less than a qualified electrician. Oh wait, that's $3.30 difference because they get a shift differential. Wait, they also get a wage parity allowance of $.70, so they're only earning $2.60 an hour less than a FREAKING ELECTRICIAN! They refuse to argue for a higher wage for skilled trades unless the idiots manning the mops get an equal pay raise.

When it comes down to CUPE representatives actually doing their job, they just don't do it. A coworker was discriminated against so severely by our boss she quit, and CUPE did jack sh*t about it. She ended up hiring her own private lawyer and successfully suing the district for a settlement. What did CUPE do? THEY TOOK CREDIT FOR HER WORK! That's after she spent over a year trying to get the idiotic, worthless union to act on something which was a freaking open and shut, slam dunk case.

They take our union dues and give nothing back. The crooks who "represent" their members in CUPE are only interested in going on junkets and getting as many freebies as they can while burping words like "solidarity" and "equality." The truth is they're a bunch of uneducated illiterate scumbags who in the absence of ability rely on the money their union members provide them to live a life well beyond their means.

Once a worker is in CUPE, there's absolutely no way to get out unless CUPE lets you out. If you're a carpenter and you want to join a carpenters union because you don't think the lips and ass wipers are representing you, good luck, you just can't do it unless CUPE lets you go, and they won't because you help the lips and ass wipers pay scale stay higher than it should be.

To hell with CUPE. They don't represent the people they take their dues from, and there is zero accountability.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog site. Is it still active? The latest posts I see are in 2008.